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Residential Heat Pumps

In the summer, a heat pump cools the air in your home much like an air conditioner, while in the winter heat is absorbed from the outdoor air and released to the indoor air.

Mueller HVAC will help you choose the Carrier Heat Pump that’s right for your home.

When shopping for a heat pump, look for high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (“SEER,” which measures the cooling efficiency of the machine) and high Heating Seasonal Performance Factors (“HSPF”, which measures its heating efficiency).

Also, remember that Carrier heat pumps are engineered to team with a Carrier furnace to create a “Hybrid Heat” system, the most cost-savings system you can buy for year-round comfort.

Save On Your Energy Bill!

Heat pump installation couldn’t be easier with Mueller HVAC. We are your go-to experts and will help you choose the best model for your needs. There are many heat pumps out there, and it can be overwhelming to try and pick the best HVAC system for you. Just let us know your budget, efficiency requirements, and the size of your home, and our licensed technicians will install the perfect system for the job. We’ll help you decide on which is better: a heat pump or a furnace.

We can also help you navigate any grants or rebates to get you the maximum value out of your new energy efficient heat pump, or any other cooling and heating system you have.

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